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How to use the Sorex LoXX motor lock


This battery-operated motor lock offers highest comfort, easy assembling and excellent price performance ratio.

The LoXX ONE® is a battery-operated attachable motor lock that is mounted at the inside of your door. From outside you cannot see any changes at the door leaf, just the cylinder is replaced. The LoXX ONE® motor lock communicates wireless with the wirelessKey module. The assembling of the Sorex LoXX ONE® motor lock can be finished in just a few minutes on existing doors – no changes are needed at the door.

If an authorized mobile phone approaches it will be identified by its worldwide unique Bluetooth adress and Sorex LoXX ONE® automatically opens the door.

After entering the flat and the closing the door Sorex LoXX ONE® automatically locks the door again

Doors that are equipped with the Sorex LoXX ONE® motor lock are actuarial classified as “locked with a bolt”.

Hard Facts

  • Battery-operated motor lock
  • Automatic opening on approach without pushing a button
  • Easiest assembling: no drilling, no cables
  • Max. distance of the wirelessKey module and the lock: 3 meters
  • Actuarial classified as „locked with a bolt“


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