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SOREX your solution for a safe home and office. SOREX is one of the most innovative company in the industry and convince with the extensive range of products.

The product range of SOREX treading a promising path in the field of electronic locking systems. Digital door locks, electronic door entry systems are also a part of your range as complete access systems based on Bluetooth. The products of SOREX are the first step on the way to the future. We offer different solutions, which can be used in the private and business sector.

The product portfolio includes complete digital access systems for companies with more than 100 employees and also solutions for the private house. The SOREX solutions are not restricted to new buildings, their are also a few electronic locking systems for retrofitting of existing doors. Various opening media such as RFID cards or key fobs allow the use of our electronic door locks. Electric door openers, surface box and also the management software are a part of the complete service of SOREX and making it the best resource in the field of electronic door entry systems.

Unique solutions from SOREX more than 13 years

The company domiciled in Wiener Neustadt looks back on over 13 years experience in the field of digital locking systems and is justly one of the leading experts in the field of electronic locking system. In 2008, a completely unique product has been added to the range, which should show the way to the future with the wirelessKey. Due to this innovation, it was possible to make any smartphone to a digital key. This achievement was the first step on the way to the first-class products of today.

SOREX belongs to Europe's most innovative companies in the industry. The products whiche were sold over 10,000 reflect the quality and trust which is set from satisfied customers in the company. Give also your confidence in the products of SOREX and make take a step into the future of digital locking systems.

Electronic locking system, electric door opener or  a fully digital access system? In the SOREX Onlineshop you will find the right solution for you!


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