Digital Cylinder SMART

Price €237.60

Price €237.60


Digital locking cylinder to retrofit doors

The digital cylinder SMART enables to upgrade a door to an electronic access control system in a very short time, making the classic key become a thing of the past. The access control works with RFID smart cards and RFID keyfobs. Once an authorized medium is within the 20 mm read range, the electronic lock cylinder releases to unlock the door.

Technical details of the Digital SOREX Cylinder SMART

Up to 500 different media can be programmed with the appropriate managementcard for the door opening. Especially in companies becomes this number of great importance. Each media fulfills the same benefits of a traditional key, which this one becomes superfluous. Only if the access authorization is correct, the electronic door cylinder opens and grants the user access.

The sensor detects the RFID medium at a distance of 2 centimeters. It is necessary to bring the card or the key fob to this zone. This allows much more comfortable and faster opening than with a conventional key.

With a supplied managementcard the digital key can be programmed easily and quickly. Alternatively, allows the PC software also this process and is especially useful for a nationwide RFID access control with many key cards and readers.

Product Features

  • suitable for companies Up to 500 Users
  • Access by card Comfortable RFID Cards

The benefits of digital SOREX cylinder SMART:

  • Suitable for private or business use
  • Up to 500 different media
  • Possibility easy and convenient retrofit of all doors with an advanced RFID cylinder.
  • More effective and faster opening of doors
  • Fast and convenient programming of new media with the managementcard
  • The quick change allows maximum cost efficiency


Two mechanical emergency key are supplied with the product.

Two mechanical emergency key are supplied with the product.

Scope of Delivery

  • Master managementcard to programm user cards or delete them.
  • One SOREX RFID card
  • Batteries for digital locking cylinder
  • The digital cylinder
  • Quick Starting Guide and Installation Instructions
  • Optional: Management software for hotels or companies to administer all media on the computer

The management software costs 50% of the purchase price annually.

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