Door Phone & Code

Price €466.80

Price €466.80


Door look with Bluetooth form SOREX

The bluetooth lock from SOREX allows to open doors with smart phones or by entering a numerical code. For example, the door unlocked even when one of the authorized smartphones comes in the range of the sensor. The phone or the chip must not be taken out of the pocket. 

Benefits of Bluetooth door lock

  • Up to 6 smartphones can be programmed simultaneously 

  • Up to 18 codes can be assigned
  • The users are managed via a free iPhone and Android APP
  • High level of security of the smart phone door lock

High level of security of the smart door lock

  • Possibility of limiting the individual permissions

  • Fast processing of permissions
  • Check the latest additions

Product Features

  • Perfect Solution for Home Up to 18 users
  • Access with Code Personalized Opening Codes
  • Access with Smart Phone Bluetooth enabled Interface

The design of the locking system underscores this impression even further. The SOREX device consists of two main parts. The visible front panel includes the receiver and the input keyboard. Becuase of the encrypted communication between the units there is a high safety factor.

Compatibility: The SOREX locking system is compatible with all current motor locks or electronic openers.

Designs for everyone: Depending on your taste, we have front panels in white, silver (metallic) or anthracite.

SOREX provides individual configuration of your locking system

In addition to match the color of your wishes this locking system also allows a vote on their daily lives. Up to six different doors can be simultaneously managed. The distance at which the smartphone is detected, can be varied as well. Even the reaction time of the relay can be customized to match your preference.

  • Adjustable detection range between short, medium, wide and maximum
  • Customizable switching time between 1 second and 5 seconds
  • Up to 6 doors can be managed with the system SOREX
  • SOREX Manager app to manage all access authorizations and overview of recent openings.

Supplied with the Bluetooth door lock SOREX

  • Code keypad with Bluetooth
  • Control unit with relay output for installation indoors with cable
  • Unilateral Quick Start Guide and wiring plan
  • Door master passcode to teach and delete other numerical codes or smartphones
  • free management application for Android and iPhone




Note: The SOREX Door Phone & Code with plastic front panel may only be installed in indoor areas. For your outdoor use, use the glass faceplate. You can select this in the online shop.


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