SOREX Door Phone & Code

The SOREX Manager App, which can be used to configure users and settings is available here for Android and iPhone.

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Frequent User Problems

  • You get an error alert when adding your Smartphone?
    It's an error in the bluetooth menu of your smartphone. The pairing process was still successful.
  • You cannot add a new mobile user because you are already paired with the module?
    In you phone's bluetooth menu, unpair your SOREX Door Phone & Code. Then you can pair with the module again.
  • You always get a pairing alert when entering the module's range?
    In this case you only deleted the pairing on your phone, but not on your module. For more information, consult chapter 5.4 of the user manual.

  • Your code is not accepted?
    This can have two reasons: Either your code is locked (see Chapter 3.1 of the SOREX Manager user manual) or buttons were pressed on the SOREX Door Phone & Code prior to entering the actual code. In this case, press the 'X' button before entering the code to delete the previously entered numbers.

  • The keyboard doesn't react anymore after entering multiple incorrect codes?
    After entering 30 numbers, the keyboard is locked for 5 seconds. If another 30 numbers are entered, it is locked for another 10 seconds, then for 30 seconds, and finally for 60 seconds. Once the sequence of entered numbers includes a known code, this lock is resetted and would start again at 5 seconds.

  • The SOREX Door Phone & Code's keyboard reacts badly/not at all?
    Once the SOREX Door Phone & Code is plugged in, it boots and calibrates the keyboard. This may lead to problems if the front cover is put on the SOREX Door Phone & Code after turning it on. Make sure the front cover is already on the device prior to turning it on.

SOREX Manager
Android (Android 4.0.3 and above) Download in the Google Play Store
iOS (iOS 8.0 and above) Download in the App Store