SOREX wirelessKey 4.0
Quick starting guide

This quick starting guide explains the pairing process for a mobile phone with the installed wirelessKey module and how to connect it to door opening systems. For installation advice and other instructions, please refer to the user manual.

Pairing a mobile phone:

1. Switch Bluetooth of your mobile phone to on and set it to visible.

Please note: With some mobile phones it is necessary to remain in the Bluetooth settings and/or switch to security mode.

2. Hold your mobile phone close to the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0 outdoor unit for at least 10 seconds.

After approximately 10 seconds, an incoming connection „add.SOREX-w.Key" or „Headset" will appear.

3. Enter your Tür-PIN

Figure 1: Exemplary sticker of the Tür-PIN

Figure 1: Exemplary sticker of the Tür-PIN

Enter the 10-digit Tür-PIN, which can be found on the sticker in the enclosed envelope (see Figure 1), to build up a connection with "add.SOREX-w.Key" or „Headset". After entering the Tür-PIN, your mobile phone is paired with the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0.

4. Final step

Your mobile phone is now entitled to open your door. Some devices ask to build up a connection automatically. This has to be confirmed.

Tip: Use the free smartphone app “SOREX Bluetooth Door Opener to set your smartphone’s Bluetooth to visible quickly and easily, by simply opening the app.

Please note: To connect portable transmitters and RFID media with the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0, the management software has to be used. Mobile phones can also be paired via the management software.