SOREX wirelessKey 4.0

Warning: On mobile phones, bluetooth needs to be set to visible so that the wirelessKey can find them. This is possible with the SOREX wirelessKey Door Opener App.

The app has to be started for each opening.

Documents and Manuals

Frequent User Problems

  • Is the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0 able to find automatic hand-held transmitters in range?
    You can search for opening media in range of a module with the management software.
  • Is it possible to access/manage/configure the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0 over WLAN (if already added to the software)?
    As long as the module can be accessed over its IP adress, it does not matter whether it is accessed over LAN or WLAN.
  • The outdoor unit was plugged of and afterwards, the module does not work anymore.
    The indoor unit needs to be reset (see chapter 6.1 of the user manual).

  • Angry IP Scanner cannot find the module.
    The device did not get an IP adress  from the DHCP Server. Check the wiring and make sure that the device is in the right network, then start the scan again. If the problem persists, reset the indoor unit (see chapter 6.1 of the user manual).

  • The mobile phone is paired with the SOREX wirelessKey, but the door does not open.
    The phone's bluetooth needs to be visible in order to open the door. For some mobile phones, this means the bluetooth menu has to be open and/or it has to be switched to the security mode.
    Tipp: Download our app SOREX wirelessKey Door Opener in the App Store/Google Play Store. By starting the app, bluetooth is turned to visible automatically.
    In order to use the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0 with your phone, "add.SOREX-w.Key" may not be removed from the list of paired devices.  

  • The indoor cannot be resetted as described in the manual.
    Check the supplied voltage (see chapter 8 of the user manual).

  • Can the SOREX wirelessKey 4.0 be powered over the LAN port?
    Yes, this is possible with an additional adaptor, which can be purchased separately (e.g. here on Amazon).

SOREX Door Opener Android (Android 2.1 and above) Download in the Google Play Store
iOS (iOS 4.2 and above) Download in the App Store
SOREX Management Software Windows (XP and above) Download