SOREX-Time Recording Software


A complete solution for your business from a single source

Time is money, especially for companies. Working hours are flexible and constantly adapt to orders, as well as to personal circumstances. Because of this flexibility accurate, yet simple, requires the use of a professional timekeeping software SOREX. With the newly developed timekeeping system internal and external employees are recognized in many different ways. The SOREX software can optionally be connected to a device for timekeeping, such as a terminal or used on mobile devices. The only requirement is a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

To access the Time recording software 

  • by specially equipped terminal
  • my mobile device (mobile / smartphone or tablet)
  • on the Internet (browser access)

Advantages of SOREX system

This timekeeping software can be used for easy check-in / check-out as well as complicated shift schedules and pays for itself from five employees. Complex and dynamic personal scenarios accurately reported no room for error. From shift schedules to sick leave, the system takes into account every detail and any changes (new detection technique or changed headcount) easily fits in. For you this means:

  • fast, reliable and error-free time recording
  • Flexibility in dynamic working time rules
  • meticulous documentation
  • easy adaptation to changed parameters

Features of SOREX-Software

  • accurate and personal timesheet for easy billing
  • simple evaluation
  • numerous reporting functions
  • Interfaces possible with existing third-party payroll systems
  • per terminal or platform independent via Internet / Browser
  • Timekeeping well on mobile terminal or Intranet / Internet
  • Maintenance Contract Support between general and specific questions and continuously update the timekeeping software to the latest version

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Terminal Features

On request, the timekeeping software SOREX is available with an optional terminal. Your employees enjoy easy check-in and check-out. Also the most important basic data is provided, the remaining vacation days and all without use of a computer. For employee identification used mobile phone or a special card. The terminal simplifies the use of SOREX software for timekeeping, but is not necessarily required to use the full functionality.


Order the SOREX-time recording in the following configurations

Solution 1

Hosting in our data center
with optional terminal

Solution 2

Installation on your server
with optional terminal

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