WirelessKey - NFC Door Lock from SOREX

Price €399,00

Price €399,00

Modern NFC access control for your company

In the entrepreneurial field an efficient security system plays an even bigger role than in the private sector. A large number of different permissions, on the one hand to create a smoothly operations run and on the other to protect simultaneously stocks and assets. An NFC door lock offers a number of advantages. The corresponding solutions of wirelessKey 4.0 application reflects the latest state of the art. This means professional access management on the state of the technology.

Advantages of NFC access control

  • Suitable for commercial use (warehouse, office, ..)
  • Many different users with different privileges ca be programmed
  • Supports Workflow
  • Big security standard

The Doors in the company can be opened without entering a special code  with this locking system. Employees need a smart phone which is bluetooth-capable or an RFID medium and enter the configurable detection reach the plant.

  • Manage the access permissions with a network-compatible software
  • rapid procurement and lock permissions
  • Log of all accesses
  • full control with little effort

Product Features

  • Perfect for Business Up to 2500 User
  • Access with Smartphone bluetooth- capability
  • Access with Card RFID Card

The wirelessKey 4.0 access control system can be combined with any electronic door lock in operation. By appropriate construction increased security is guaranteed, because the opening unit is in the protected area . Using encrypted communications, the digital door cylinder is contacted and creates the basis for increased security.


Protect your company with the wirelessKey 4.0 System from:

  • unauthorized access by third parties
  • unauthorized access its own staff in certain areas
  • unauthorized access its own staff in certain periods
  • illegal fading in stock
  • illegal information theft
  • Loss of efficiency by hindering the workflows


The technical data of wirelessKey 4.0 system:

  • Up to 2,500 configurable opening media
  • Access via Smartphones, handheld transmitters, RFID cards and key fobs
  • Adjustable reading distance and relay switching time
  • Various LAN and Mini USB interfaces


Delivery of NFC door lock

  • Wall reader with Bluetooth and card reader
  • Control unit with relay output and network interface for mounting indoors with cable
  • Unilateral Quick Start Guide and wiring plan
  • Door master passcode to teach and delete other mobile phones
  • Optional: management software to manage the permissions on your PC


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